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July 7 - 8, 2008

Cambridge University
Cambridgeshire, U.K.

Cambridge University's Centre for Tax Law (CTL) hosts a special conference examining the role of tax history in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.


  • Dr. Robert Attard
    "The History of Income Tax in Malta, the Early Years (1641-1949)"

  • Associate Professors, Cynthia Coleman and Margaret McKerchar

  • Professor Jane Frecknall-Hughes
    "Fiscal Grievances underpinning the Magna Carta"

  • Professor David Ibbetson
    "Sixteenth Century English Ideas of Tax"

  • Ms. Fiona Martin
    "The History of the Legal Definition of Charity and its Application to Taxation Law"

  • Mr. Jeremy Sims
    "The Poll Tax in Late Seventeenth Century England"|

  • Associate Professor John Taylor
    "The First UK-Australia Double Tax Agreement"
  • Dr. John Avery Jones
    "Jurisdiction to Tax Companies: from the Jurisdiction of the Courts to European Influence"

  • Dr. Peter Fawcett
    "Taxation in Classical Athens"

  • Malcolm Gammie Q.C.
    "The Origins of Fiscal Transparency in UK Tax Law"

  • Professor Marjorie Kornhauser
    "Remembering the “Forgotten Man” (and Woman): Hidden Taxes and the 1936 Election"

  • Dr. Lynne Oats and Dr. Pauline Sadler
    " Variations on a Theme: Alternative Conceptions and Receptions of Stamp Duties in the 18th Century"

  • Professor Chantal Stebbings
    "Traders, the Excise and the Law: Tensions and Conflicts in Early Nineteenth Century England"

  • Mr. Richard Thomas
    "The Revenue Election"

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