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January 9, 2012
40 Years: About These Notes

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In 2012 Tax Notes will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its inaugural issue, published on September 18, 1972. In recognition of that milestone and to show its appreciation for your continued readership, Tax Notes will be republishing select archived articles from each of the past 40 years. Tax Notes hopes that readers will enjoy these valuable contributions from prominent members of the tax community on issues that were and are of central importance to the field. Readers are invited to submit their own recommendations for our retrospective to, along with a short explanation for why the article has been recommended.
This statement was originally published on September 18, 1972, as the first page in the inaugural issue of Tax Notes. It described the goals and format of the magazine at its inception.

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This issue commences Tax Notes, a weekly publication designed to provide basic research services to journalists and others concerned with Federal tax matters. Each issue will appear on color coded sheets. The yellow cover page will summarize key events and suggest developments you may wish to keep your eye on. The orange page will index tax items appearing in the Congressional Record. The white page will briefly summarize recently introduced tax legislation. From time to time we will also publish an index of significant articles appearing in tax journals and other scholarly publications.

We hope that this publication will evolve in response to your suggestions. Let us know if you find it useful and please tell us if there are additional services you would like us to provide.

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