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October 13, 2011
State Tax Notes Announces "SALT Shakers," a New Column From News Editor Doug Sheppard
Will Include Viewpoints and Interviews With State and Local Tax Leaders

FALLS CHURCH, VA — Too many taxpayers and tax collectors "impugn the underlying motives of the folks on the other side," Idaho's former deputy attorney general argued in the inaugural edition of "SALT Shakers," a new column in State Tax Notes.

"We should expect that taxpayers and tax collectors will have differences — sometimes strongly held ones," said Ted Spangler, the former deputy attorney general who actually worked full-time for Idaho State Tax Commission. As for individuals on each side questioning the motives of one another, he added, "We need to work on getting over that."

Spangler, who won the Multistate Tax Commission's 2011 Paull Mines Award, was featured in "SALT Shakers," a column that State Tax Notes news editor Doug Sheppard will write and that is devoted to viewpoints and interviews with state and local tax leaders.

State Tax Notes is published by Tax Analysts, the nonprofit publisher of many print and online products on state, federal, and international tax policy and administration. To reach the inaugural edition of this column and to learn more about Tax Analysts, visit the Tax Analysts website.

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