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November 30, 2006
Tax Analysts Publishes Special Issue: Energy and Taxes
Falls Church, VA — Tax Analysts, the publisher of Tax Notes and other print and online publications on federal, state, and international tax policy, provides a special issue this week on energy and taxes to readers of its weekly journals.

Among the articles in Energy, the 146-page supplement:

  • Tax Analysts contributing editor Martin A. Sullivan looks at the carrots and sticks of energy tax policy, at a carbon tax, at tax subsidies for ethanol production, and at a variety of other energy-related issues.
  • Tax Analysts contributing editor Joseph J. Thorndike looks back at the “crude oil windfall profit tax” of the 1980s and at a refundable gas tax.
  • State Tax Notes legal editors Jennifer Carr and Cara Griffith examine how energy tax issues affected 2006 gubernatorial elections.
  • Tax Notes International editor Cathy Phillips discusses how environmentalists want to use tax policy to promote the earth’s survival.
Along with many other articles from Tax Analysts staff, Energy includes contributions from writers at such places as the Alliance to Save Energy, American Enterprise Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, Center for American Progress, Friends of the Earth, Georgia State University, Tax Foundation, Thelen Reid & Priest, Tufts University, Urban Institute, and University of Hawaii.

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