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March 11, 2013
Tax Analysts’ Tax Notes Magazine Ranked Among the Top 5 Major Tax Journals

FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Tax Analysts, the nonprofit publisher of federal, state, and international tax news and analysis, today announced that Tax Notes magazine, its flagship publication, ranked second overall among the five major tax journals – Florida Tax Review, Tax Law Review, Tax Lawyer, Tax Notes, and Virginia Tax Review – in Washington & Lee University Law School’s 2003 – 2012 tax law review annual combined rankings.

Tax Notes also took the top spot as the tax journal with the most number of citations in law reviews, with more than double the citations of Tax Lawyer, its closest competitor.

The score is based on a combination of each journal’s impact factor, which displays the average number of annual citations to articles in each journal, and total cites count, which includes citations in law reviews, citations in federal and state court cases, and how soon after publication these articles are cited.

“I was an avid reader of Tax Notes long before joining Tax Analysts,” said Christopher E. Bergin, Tax Analysts president and publisher. “Tax Notes is an indispensable tool for tax professionals wishing to remain on the front lines of tax policy. It is timely, accurate, comprehensive, well written, and well organized – five principles we emphasize at Tax Analysts.”

Tax Notes editor Jeremy Scott added, “Tax Notes takes pride in being the most cited tax journal. We work hard to be a relevant and useful resource for our readers, hopefully helping them with their practice and study of tax law.”

The rankings are part of the school’s Law Journal Submissions and Rankings database, which enables scholars to locate journal editorial information; facilitates authors’ submissions to those journals; and allows readers to search for journals by subject, ranking, country, or publication. Other categories in the rankings include currency factor and cites per cost.

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