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March 24, 2014
Tax Analysts’ Tax Notes International Releases Special Issue Examining Rep. Dave Camp’s Tax Reform Plan

Commentaries provide insight on the proposal’s international tax implications

FALLS CHURCH, Va. Tax Notes International, Tax Analysts’ weekly magazine dedicated to providing international tax news, analysis, and commentary, has released a special issue highlighting international aspects of House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dave Camp’s tax reform plan.

The special issue includes Tax Analysts contributing editor Mindy Herzfeld’s argument for why “U.S. multinationals should be lining up in support of the Camp plan,” balanced by University of Michigan Law School professor Reuven Avi-Yonah’s contention that the Camp plan’s international tax proposals “are deeply flawed and based on obsolete assumptions of the world that faces U.S. multinationals in 2014.”

Also, Tax Analysts legal reporter Kristen Parillo presents practitioner reaction to the plan’s scaling back of the foreign base company sales income rules, while Tax Notes International Editor Ajay Gupta reveals some political posturing in the proposal.

The coverage also looks at the plan’s extensive changes to intangibles, the proposed restrictions on the use of foreign tax credits, and the potential accounting implications regarding undistributed foreign earnings.

Read the full issue of this week’s Tax Notes International on the Tax Analysts website.

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