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June 6, 2011
Tax Analysts Announces New Regular Column: Taxes for a Civilized Society

FALLS CHURCH, VA — Tax Analysts, the nonprofit provider of federal, state, and international tax news and analysis, announced its launch today of a new column, Taxes for a Civilized Society, written by new contributor Diane Lim Rogers.

The column, appearing in Monday's issue of Tax Notes, the weekly magazine on federal tax policy and administration, will focus on the intersection of budget and tax policy and the essential role the tax system will have to play in any successful effort at deficit reduction. Drawing on her expertise in tax policy and her experience working with the federal budget, Rogers will emphasize revenue-gaining reforms that would fulfill bipartisan and broader societal goals for public policy, while improving the nation’s fiscal outlook and contributing to a stronger economy. The column will also appear in Tax Notes Today, Tax Analysts’ federal daily online publication.

In her inaugural column, the author explains that "being civilized" about taxes means recognizing tax policy’s contribution to the federal budget outlook as a whole and the broader role of government in our society; working to improve our tax system so we can collect the revenue we need in as efficient and equitable a manner as possible; and encouraging our policymakers to find areas of agreement on policies that would promote the common good.

About the Author

Diane Lim Rogers is chief economist of the Concord Coalition and writes the blog, named one of the top economics blogs by The Wall Street Journal. At Concord she writes policy briefs, gives speeches, and provides general expertise on the economic effects of federal budget and tax policy—an issue she has worked on in Washington for nearly two decades. Before joining Concord in 2008, she held many prominent positions in the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, including chief economist for House Budget Committee Democrats, chief economist for House Ways and Means Committee Democrats, and senior economist for tax and budget policy for President Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers.

Rogers received her BA in economics from the University of Michigan in 1983, her MA from Brown University in 1984, and her PhD from the University of Virginia in 1991. She began her career as an economics professor at Penn State University before coming to Washington in 1994. She has continued to teach part time at George Washington University’s public policy school, and she serves on the board of directors of the National Tax Association.

In this column, Rogers is writing on her own behalf; her views do not represent those of the Concord Coalition, the National Tax Association, or any other person or organization.

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