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February 25, 2013
Tax Analysts’ Tax Notes Magazine Announces New Regular Column: Taxes for Corporate Leaders
FALLS CHURCH, Va. – Tax Analysts, the nonprofit provider of federal, state, and international tax news and analysis, today announced the launch of a new column, Taxes for Corporate Leaders, by Clint Stretch. The monthly column will be published in Tax Notes magazine and will focus on legislative and regulatory issues related to corporate tax risk and opportunity. It will be written from the perspective of chief tax officers, senior corporate managers, and board members who are responsible for managing or overseeing those risks for the enterprise.

Stretch’s first column, “Rebooting Tax Reform Planning,” highlights Washington’s growing enthusiasm for corporate tax reform. It discusses the challenges that have delayed the reform process, including a political system that prevents agreement on how much tax should be imposed; the need for corporate tax reform to be revenue neutral; and the difficulty of taking action on corporate income taxes without also addressing individual income taxes.

“Although many hurdles must be overcome to achieve corporate tax reform, there are three major barriers to seriously beginning the process,” Stretch writes. “Understanding the barriers should give business leaders more confidence to move forward in addressing the opportunities and risks presented by the current system. It should also give them more flexibility to appropriately plan for the contingencies of eventual reform.”

Clint Stretch is a tax attorney with decades of tax policy experience. He previously served as Deloitte Tax LLP’s managing principal of tax policy, working to help clients understand and respond to emerging tax legislative and regulatory issues. Stretch also served as an attorney-adviser to the IRS chief counsel and as legislation counsel to Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, where he was responsible for the formulation of federal tax policy in such diverse areas as energy and natural resources, life and casualty insurance, partnerships, and tax administration and compliance. Stretch consults on tax policy and legislative risk.

A full copy of Stretch’s new column is available here.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Stretch, please contact Shaima Cardillo at 703-531-4852 or

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