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January 5, 2015
Tax Notes Magazine Names Dave Camp Its 2014 Person of the Year
FALLS CHURCH, Va. Tax Notes, Tax Analysts’ leading publication on federal tax laws, regulations, and policy developments, today announced its 2014 person of the year.

Annually, the magazine recognizes an individual or organization that had the most influence on tax policy and practice as its person of the year. The list of other notables features members of the tax community who left their mark on policy, practice, and administration in 2014.

Dave Camp, recently retired House Ways and Means committee chair, is the 2014 person of the year. He is recognized for his draft Tax Reform Act of 2014, which will heavily influence any attempts to overhaul the tax code.

“While Camp acknowledged that some members of the House GOP leadership did not want tax reform, he said he remained optimistic throughout the process that once he released the plan, its growth effects would change doubters' minds,” the reporters write. “That did not happen, but Camp still says the bill serves as a positive example of what tax reform can accomplish.”

Other notables include:

    • William Alexander, IRS chief counsel (corporate), for the significant impact he has had on the corporate tax world during the 13 years he headed up the office.
    • Michael Danilack, former IRS deputy commissioner (international), for the creation of the international matrix, which signaled a major shift in audit focus.
    • Sen. Carl Levin, recently retired chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, for his work spotlighting large tax loopholes and efforts to tackle major tax policy problems.
    • Brenda Zent, taxation specialist, Treasury Office of International Tax Counsel, for her key role in the development and release of Notice 2014-52, 2014-42 IRB 712, explaining the government’s intent to issue regulations reducing the benefits of corporate inversions.
    • Stephen E. Shay, Harvard Law School professor, for his July article in Tax Notes that became a focal point for practitioner debate surrounding inversion guidance.
    • Ian Read, Pfizer Inc.’s CEO, for his repeated efforts to find an overseas restructuring partner, making him the face of corporate inversions in 2014.
    • Kathryn Keneally, former assistant attorney general for the Justice Department Tax Division, for her work in offshore enforcement, tax shelters, and identity theft.
    • Martin R. Press, Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart PA, for representing taxpayers in three of the year’s more talked-about tax cases: two taxpayer-favorable opinions and a loss in a foreign bank account report case.
    • Jonathan H. Adler, Johan Verheij Memorial professor of law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and Michael F. Cannon, director of health policy studies for the CATO Institute, for coauthoring a law review article calling attention to section 36B and the accompanying regs, earning them the title of “founding fathers” of 36B litigation.

Read the full 2014 person of the year story here.

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