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FAQs About OneDisc Premium DVD
Q: Is it truly just one disc? What about archived documents?

A: The OneDisc Premium (DVD) is the first full tax library truly available on ONE disc. It holds all standard tax research materials, along with the complete collection of chief counsel advice, our entire courts collection back to 1913, and the full Internal Revenue Manual all on one DVD.

Q: I see that the OneDisc Premium (DVD) runs on Internet browser software. What browser software should I use? Is it on the disc?

A: The OneDisc Premium (DVD) will run on Internet Explorer 6 or higher. If you have it loaded on your computer, the OneDisc will detect it and automatically start your browser. If you don't have Internet Explorer, you can download it for free at Microsoft's Web site ( Other browsers are not recommended for this disc.

Q: Is the OneDisc Premium (DVD) available for Mac OS?

A: No. Unfortunately, the OneDisc Premium (DVD) is available only for Microsoft Windows.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the Internet to use the OneDisc Premium (DVD)?

A: No, you do not need an Internet connection to do your research. The disc is fully self-contained and can be used anywhere that you have access to a computer with a DVD-ROM drive and the appropriate browser software.

Q: Do I load the disc onto my hard drive or do I need to keep the OneDisc Premium (DVD) in the DVD drive?

A: The OneDisc Premium (DVD) cannot be loaded onto your hard drive. The document collection is too large. Like most software, after initial installation, you should do your research with the OneDisc Premium (DVD) running in your DVD drive.

Q: Can I use the OneDisc Premium (DVD) in a CD-ROM drive?

A: No, you must have a DVD drive.

Q: Will the OneDisc Premium (DVD) run on a laptop?

A: Sure, if you have browser software and a DVD drive.

Q: How do I get updates to the disc?

A: Each month or quarter (depending on your subscription), you will receive a replacement disc with all new materials fully incorporated, as well as a "What's New?" section detailing what has been added.

Q: Do I have to learn new search software to use this disc?

A: No. The new search software on the OneDisc Premium (DVD) has been designed to be intuitive and so easy to use that you can pop it in and just start searching. You don’t even have to use search connectors, quotes, or other commands. The OneDisc Premium allows a plain English search so you can enter a simple question to find your answer, similar to the Google search engine. If you need help, the OneDisc Premium has an interactive tutorial to get you started, a comprehensive Help Guide, and a help page for each search template.

Q: Have you made any other improvements besides just putting all the information on one disc?

A: We have incorporated many new features and improved functions on the OneDisc Premium (DVD), including more search options, a tax-specific thesaurus, and the plain English search discussed in the question above. Best of all, you can now save your searches, name them, and rerun them later to keep track of the work you are doing for specific clients.

Q: Can the OneDisc Premium (DVD) be networked?

A: Yes! Network solutions are available for the OneDisc Premium (DVD).

Q: Does the OneDisc Premium (DVD) have any new content or documents that were not included on the OneDisc CD products?

A: Yes. The OneDisc Premium (DVD) now includes U.S. tax treaties, an additional 60,000+ court opinions from 1913 to 1971, and the final archival Tax Court memorandum opinions from 1972 to 1984. Those additions complete Tax Analysts’ court case collection from 1913 to the present.

Q: What does the "expiration date" mean?
    A: The DVD will no longer function after that expiration date. The DVD expiration dates are timed so that a disc will not expire until after you have received the next disc in your monthly or quarterly subscription sequence. The expiration dates ensure that you are always using the most up-to-date information.

    Example of how the expiration date works:

    DVD Month
    Received by

    Expiration Date
    February 1
    March 1
    April 1
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