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Installation Guide to Tax Analysts' Tax Directory CD
NOTE: Each one of Tax Analysts' CDs must be installed as per these instructions, using the setup program on each respective CD, in order to be accessed. The setup program on each CD copies files to your hard disk and creates a CD-specific icon and configuration files enabling that CD to be run. As each CD runs independently of the others, not running setup for a particular CD will prevent you from using that disc.

To install any of Tax Analysts' CD products, you need to know the drive letters of your CD-ROM drive and your target hard drive. These instructions assume your CD-ROM drive is "D:" and your target hard drive is "C:". Choose your product below then follow the instructions for a rapid installation:

Tax Analysts' Folio 4-Based Product:
  • The Tax Directory

Tax Analysts' Folio 4-Based Product Installation:

Note: Each new CD-ROM MUST be installed

Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • Pentium II or Higher
  • 256MB of RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • VGA or higher resolution video adapter (SVGA 256-color recommended)


Before installation, please note your system's hard disk and CD-ROM drive letters. The following instructions assume that C: is the hard disk letter, and that D: is the CD-ROM drive letter. Substitute your drive letters where applicable.

Note: Some anti-virus software interferes with InstallShield®; if you encounter an installation problem, disable your anti-virus software and try again.
  1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. From the START menu, select RUN.
  3. From the RUN window, enter D:\SETUP.EXE and click OK to continue (InstallShield® Wizard will launch).
  4. Read the WELCOME screen, and click NEXT to continue. After reading the Software License Agreement, click YES. If you choose NO, SETUP will close.
  5. From the SELECT COMPONENTS window, choose your installation preference.
  6. From the CHOOSE DESTINATION LOCATION window, either click NEXT to accept the default destination, or select BROWSE to enter a new drive and directory name.
  7. From the SELECT PROGRAM FOLDER window, you may either click NEXT to accept the default program folder TAX ANALYSTS, or change the folder to one of your preference.
  8. The START COPYING FILES window displays the settings that you have made. If they are correct, select NEXT to begin the copying process. If you wish to change any of the settings, press BACK until you reach the appropriate screen.
  9. From the SETUP COMPLETE window, select the FINISH button. If the LAUNCH option box is checked, the CD-ROM program will automatically start.

How to Launch Disc

If you chose the recommended installation, you must first insert the Tax Analysts disc into your CD-ROM drive.
  • From the START menu, select PROGRAMS, then TAX ANALYSTS (default folder at installation). Then select the proper CD-ROM title.