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2010 Previous Events

December 9-10
23rd Annual Institute on Current Issues in International Taxation
October 21-22
Tax Exempt Charitable Organizations
The two-day program will include legislative developments: views from the Hill and Treasury; what every employer should know about health care changes; supporting organizations and donor advised funds: where are we now?; international operations; IRS compliance initiatives and audits.
October 8
Taxpayer Advocacy: Addressing Systemic Tensions During Tight Budget Times
Tax commissioners, advocates, academics and practitioners will explore the current tensions between revenue collection and taxpayer advocacy.
October 6
Tax Reform: Why Do We Need It? What Should We Do?
Transcript | Audio
Please join us for presentations by, and a discussion with, a distinguished panel of speakers about tax reform, including the authors of the current bipartisan reform effort.
September 15-16
Taxation of Financial Products Bootcamp
Learn about the newest financial products and their tax treatment.
July 29-30
5th Annual Green Homes and Sustainable Communities
No other industry event brings together the leaders who are making green and affordable one and the same. No industry event offers opportunities to learn from the best about what’s working today—and what’s next.
July 9-11
New York State Bar Association Tax Section's Summer Meeting
July 1
The 2010 Tannenwald Writing Competition
Named for the late Tax Court Judge Theodore Tannenwald Jr., and designed to perpetuate his dedication to legal scholarship of the highest quality, the Tannenwald Writing Competition is open to all full or part-time law school students, undergraduate or graduate.
June 25
Tax Expenditures: Are They Worth the Cost?
Transcript | Audio
Please join us for a roundtable discussion on federal tax expenditures in which we will ask whether all the deductions, credits, and other write-offs are worth the hundreds of billions of dollars in lost federal tax revenues each year.
June 17-18
Financing Solar Energy Conference
This two-day conference will focus on the basics of solar energy technology, tax credit equity rules, debt and equity updates, and more.
June 3
Webcast: Understanding the Codification of the Economic Substance Doctrine
This program will review and discuss significant aspects of Section 7701(o) and the related penalty provisions.
May 20-21
33rd State & Local Tax Institute
Now in its 33rd year, this Institute is bringing together the finest from the SALT industry, both as faculty and attendees. Sessions include the annual debate on recent cases between Paul Frankel and Professor Richard Pomp and ethical issues facing today’s SALT practitioners.
May 18-19
Opportunities for Affordable Housing Preservation in Challenging Times
This conference will encompass some of the most important obstacles and opportunities associated with developing affordable housing in 2010 and beyond.
May 8
Book Signing: "As Certain As Death — Quotations About Taxes"
Please join us for a book signing with free canapés and cash bar.
May 6-8
ABA 2010 Section of Taxation May Meeting
The ABA Section of Taxation May Meeting is an opportunity to network with leading tax attorneys and government officials.
May 2-4
24th Annual Tax Reporting & Withholding Conference
Get solutions to your institution's most pressing issues. Industry experts and vendors will provide practical guidance to meet the challenge.
April 20-21
Withholding Tax on US-Sourced Income
The US Withholding Tax QI Regulations as you know them are changing almost beyond recognition. These changes remain fluid, and it would take a brave person to state with any confidence how the regulations will look when they are finally made law.
April 16
Framework for Considering Tax Reform
Eric Solomon, Director of National Tax at Ernst & Young and former Assistant Treasury Secretary for Tax Policy, will deliver the inaugural Richard Crawford Pugh Lecture on Tax Law and Policy in San Diego.
February 24-25
TCPI 11th Annual Tax Policy & Practice Symposium
The 2009 Symposium will bring together some of the world’s leading authorities from government, regulatory agencies, discussions and commentaries on these and other questions that are part of doing business today.
February 18-19
Washington Non-Profit Legal & Tax Conference
The Conference addresses all issues of relevance to non-profit organizations, including the latest developments. The focus is also on practical information that can be put to use with an immediate impact.
February 5
State Taxes on Internet Sales: Are "Amazon" Laws the Answer?
Transcript | Audio
A discussion about whether states should tax Internet or other kinds of remote sales, and if so, how. Should states pursue "Amazon" laws that New York and Rhode Island have adopted and other states are considering? Or should Congress enact legislation to enable states to pursue a multistate solution?
January 15
Train Wreck: A Conference on America's Looming Fiscal Crisis
This conference on the long-term fiscal crisis will bring together leading experts from a range of disciplines to assess the causes of the current crisis, the magnitude of the challenge facing the country in the next decade, and the possible responses by the federal government and the states.
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