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December 10, 2007
Offshore Explorations: Switzerland
by Martin A. Sullivan
Switzerland is the great reservoir of the world's money. More than $7 trillion has accumulated there from around the globe.
November 26, 2007
State Corporate Tax Leakage: $14.5 Billion in 2006
by Martin A. Sullivan
State corporate taxes are leaky buckets. Estimates presented here show that from 1999 through 2006, they were 22 percent less efficient than the already porous federal corporate tax.
November 5, 2007
Offshore Explorations: Isle of Man
by Martin A. Sullivan
The Isle of Man is a pint-sized economic powerhouse in the middle of the Irish Sea.
October 24, 2007
Saving Private Equity
by Joann M. Weiner
In news analysis, Joann Weiner looks at the private equity taxation debate and how the industry is protecting its tax structure.
October 23, 2007
Offshore Explorations: Jersey
by Martin A. Sullivan
This article examines the financial sector of the island of Jersey, paying special attention to data that could shed light on the potential for individual tax evasion.
October 16, 2007
Inflation Adjustments Affecting Individual Taxpayers in 2008
by James C. Young
James C. Young discusses 2008 inflation adjustments to specific portions of the individual tax system that are tied to a Consumer Price Index year ending in August.
October 10, 2007
Tax Analysts Offshore Project
by Martin A. Sullivan
This article introduces the Tax Analysts Offshore Project. The goal of the project is to quantify the amount of offshore tax evasion by individuals.
October 10, 2007
Offshore Explorations: Guernsey
by Martin A. Sullivan
This article takes a long, hard look at the financial sector of Guernsey using a variety of sources.
October 8, 2007
The Corporate Tax Conundrum
by Peter R. Merrill
In conjunction with a conference on business taxation and global competitiveness, the Treasury Department on July 26, 2007, released a background paper on the taxation of business income in the United States.
September 24, 2007
Politics of State Taxation: Don't Let Cheap Politics Trump Good Government
by David Brunori
Contributing editor David Brunori writes about a Georgia proposal to eliminate the property tax, a proposal for Kansas to open a full-service casino, and a Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report on the Internet Tax Freedom Act.
September 17, 2007
Bush Economist Listed as Inventor on Tax Strategy Patent Application
by Dustin Stamper
The president's top economic adviser, Edward Lazear, is one of two inventors named on a patent application that seeks to help corporations minimize their tax bills.
September 14, 2007
White House Says Lazear Patent Application Presents No Conflict of Interest
by Dustin Stamper
The White House defended its top economic adviser Edward Lazear on September 13, following a Tax Analysts report that revealed he was one of two inventors listed on a recent patent application for a method to minimize corporate tax bills.
September 13, 2007
Bush's Top Economist Seeks Patent on His Own Tax Strategy
by Dustin Stamper
The president's top economic adviser, Edward Lazear, is attempting to patent a way for corporations to minimize their tax bills.
July 30, 2007
Lessons From the Last War on Tax Havens
by Martin A. Sullivan
In a war waged primarily from 1998 through 2002, 35 tax havens — including some of the world's smallest countries — beat back an attack on their offshore business led by the OECD, the protector of the collective economic interest of 30 of the world's biggest countries.
July 2, 2007
Keeping Score on Offshore: U.K. 60,000, U.S. 1,300
by Martin A. Sullivan
The world has turned upside down for tax evaders in the U.K. In all the years from 1979 — when currency restrictions were lifted — through 2005, their offshore bank accounts remained well hidden from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.
June 25, 2007
Ah, Panama
by Martin A. Sullivan
"Panama, Panama. Ain't nothing like it . . . "
June 18, 2007
Offshore Account Reports Rising, but Compliance Remains Low
by Martin A. Sullivan
In a report to Congress mandated by the Patriot Act, the Treasury Department in April 2002 informed Congress it had received 177,000 FBARs in 2001.
June 4, 2007
Treasury Expects Billions From Credit Card Reporting Proposal
by Martin A. Sullivan
Over the past two decades, credit card companies have made a fortune using customer data to develop new products and fee structures.
May 28, 2007
Closing the Other Tax Gap: The Book-Tax Income Gap
by Joann M. Weiner
Since well before the accounting scandals of the early 2000s, tax researchers have recognized that the information public corporations report to their shareholders does not always reflect the information reported to the tax authorities.
May 14, 2007
Approaching an EU Common Consolidated Tax Base
by Joann M. Weiner
Since presenting its company tax strategy in 2001, the European Commission has exerted an unprecedented effort to reach its goal of creating an internal market without tax obstacles in the European Union.
May 14, 2007
The Best and Worst of State Tax Administration: Score Card on Tax Appeals and Procedural Requirements
by Douglas L. Lindholm and Stephen P. Kranz
The Council On State Taxation has long monitored and commented on state tax administrative practices.
April 13, 2007
President's Tax Return Shows 29 Percent Effective Tax Rate
by Dustin Stamper
President Bush paid taxes at an effective rate of 29 percent in 2006, while wealthier Vice President Dick Cheney paid at a rate of just 26 percent.
March 19, 2007
Conversation With EU Tax Commissioner László Kovács
by Robert Goulder and Joann M. Weiner
László Kovács, EU commissioner for taxation and customs, visited the United States March 4-8.
March 12, 2007
Cooperation in European Tax Reform: Why Can't We Be Friends?
by Joann M. Weiner
As the European Union prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary on March 25, László Kovács, the EU commissioner for taxation and customs, chose to make his first keynote address in the United States to highlight the importance of cooperation on tax policy and trade.
March 12, 2007
Kovács Optimistic on CCCTB Despite Opposition
by Chuck Gnaedinger and Lisa M. Nadal
EU Tax Commissioner László Kovács on March 5 expressed optimism that the common consolidated corporate tax base (CCCTB) could become reality despite the well publicized opposition of some EU member states.
March 5, 2007
IRS Floats the Idea of 'Outsourcing' Guidance
by Sheryl Stratton
With no fanfare, the IRS and Treasury last week proposed an entirely new way of promulgating guidance.
February 26, 2007
Denmark, Germany to Cut Interest Deductions
by Martin A. Sullivan
The third chapter of the 2007 Economic Report of the President is a polished commentary on the ins and outs of capital taxation.
February 19, 2007
School Finance in Alabama — How Not to Do It Right
by Jennifer Carr and Cara Griffith
Recently the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit entered a judgment in a 25-year-old case involving Alabama's education system.
February 19, 2007
Two Pages That Just Might Shake the World
by Laurence E. Lipsher
When was the last time you were challenged with a new tax return? I mean, really, a new return!
February 12, 2007
Why The Bush Health Insurance Plan Matters
by Martin A. Sullivan
Like a Hollywood movie that hits the video shelves in a matter of weeks, President Bush's plan to expand health insurance coverage is fading fast from public view. But there is a good chance it will develop a small loyal following.
February 12, 2007
The EITC Is Not the Way to Go
by David Brunori
Nineteen states currently offer some version of an EITC, which in states where it is refundable provides cash payments to low-income families that file income tax returns.
February 5, 2007
Taxes Matter, but Not Really
by David Brunori
I was going to lead this column off with a tirade against tax credits for the movie industry. That was before I read an article in The Topeka Capital-Journal.
February 5, 2007
NYSBA Considers 'Cash Wreck' in Spinoffs
by Lee A. Sheppard
"Gown wreck." Who knew?
February 5, 2007
A Survey of Current U.S. International Tax Developments
by William M. Sharp, Sr., Mark E. Williams, Sherwin P. Simmons II, and Paul M. Clermont II
In LTR 200543002 (July 22, 2005) and LTR 200606021 (Nov. 3, 2005), an LLC organized under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction maintained an office in the U.S. and intended to pay dividends to its presumably U.S. shareholders.
February 5, 2007
Throw Territorial Taxation From the Train
Territorial income tax systems are designed to exempt the "active" income of a U.S. firm's foreign branches or foreign subsidiaries from U.S. income tax when that income is repatriated to the United States.
January 29, 2007
Bush Wants CEO Tax Increase, Democrats Say No
by Martin A. Sullivan
Former Clinton administration Treasury tax official Len Burman was right when he told the Senate Finance Committee that the tax exemption for employer-provided health insurance is "an upside-down subsidy."
January 29, 2007
Strip Clubs, Private Dances . . . and Taxation?
by Jennifer Carr and Cara Griffith
With January comes the opening of the legislative sessions in many states. No doubt taxation will be a major issue in many of them.
January 22, 2007
The Effective Corporate Tax Rate Is Falling
by Martin A. Sullivan
Four years ago, Treasury closed the books on another fiscal year and counted $148 billion in corporate income tax receipts for 2002.
January 19, 2007
Taxing Ones and Zeros: Can the IRS Ignore Virtual Economies?
by Dustin Stamper
You've just smote a horde of goblins and obtained Gnorbl's Flayed Skinbands. It's midnight; you're in your underpants; and you're playing EverQuest online in your den. And maybe, just maybe, it's a taxable event.
January 10, 2007
Wise Words to Welcome the New Congress
To mark the opening of a new Congress,Tax Notes asked several members of the tax policy community to look forward and provide some words of wisdom to the new Congress and its leadership.