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December 27, 2005
Why Give Capital a Break?; Economists Generally Agree that Taxes on Investment, Not Labor, Should Be Lower. It Wasn't Always So, and it May be Poor Policy
Business Week Online
"'Mellon really believed in the moral dimension of tax policy,' says Joseph Thorndike, director of the tax-history project at Tax Analysts, a nonpartisan tax consulting group.
December 14, 2005
Google Says Expansion in Dublin is Not Tax Related
The Irish Times
"The influential American journal Tax Notes said in a study last year that Ireland was the most profitable foreign base for US companies, citing official figures from the US department of justice."
December 14, 2005
Moving the Market — Tracking the Numbers/Outside Audit: Firms Mum on Repatriated Profits — Many Companies Won't Say How the Cash Will Be Used; Doubts Arise on Job Creation
The Wall Street Journal
"'Shareholders own the company, and shareholders have a right to know what's happening to the cash,' says Lee Sheppard, a contributing editor at Tax Notes, a publication about tax issues."
December 7, 2005
House Passes Bill on AMT Relief
CNN Money
"AMT relief has broad bipartisan support, but the separate House bill is a concern for Democrats, according to a report in Congress Daily and Heather Bennett, editor in chief of Tax Analysts' federal publications"
December 1, 2005
What Washington Has in Store; Another Year of the AMT. (Sigh.) Then a Pitched Battle Over How to Get Rid of It
"In recent years, Congress has passed temporary provisions to keep the number of AMT payers from skyrocketing, and David Brunori of the nonprofit Tax Analysts says it will likely do so again for 2006. Still, lawmakers can't kick this can down the road forever."
November 26, 2005
We Must Keep Our Corporation Tax Rate
The Irish Examiner
"Martin Sullivan, of the journal Tax Notes, said profits made by US companies here doubled between 1999 and 2002 to $26.8 billion, (€22.88bn) while profits in most of Europe fell."
November 16, 2005
Big Difference in Tax Bills on the Hill
CNN Money
"Quoted in various reports, including Tax Notes, a publication of publisher Tax Analysts, Grassley said last week, 'If we pass a tax bill, it's going to have extension of capital gains in it, or we won't have a tax bill. And whether we have one in the Senate or not, the House is going to have one, so it's going to be conferenceable. We'll end up with it.'"
November 10, 2005
Grassley Delays Vote on Tax Bill
CNN Money
"The sticking point: a provision that would extend the tax cut on capital gains and dividends through 2009, according to reports in Tax Notes and the Wall Street Journal."
November 8, 2005
AMT Relief vs. Investment Tax Cuts
CNN Money
"But given developments so far, it looks like their bills might be very different from one another, which will make the reconciliation process between the two more complicated, said Heléna Klumpp, news editor of Tax Notes, a tax policy and news magazine."
November 2, 2005
Panel's Tax Plan Would Change A Favored Deduction
Daily Press
"The 15 percent mortgage interest credit was designed to approximate the impact of the current interest deduction, said David Brunori, a research professor of public policy at George Washington University and executive vice president of a nonprofit called Tax Analysts."
November 2, 2005
Homeowners Concerned that Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction May be Taken Away
CBS News Transcripts
"Ms. HEATHER BENNETT (Tax Analysts, Inc.): It would hit higher-income Americans first; because their property values are higher, their mortgages are higher. But eventually it will hit middle-income Americans."
August 13, 2005
Private Heiress and Philanthropist
National Public Radio
"It's never been made public, but tax attorney Lee Sheppard, who writes for the non-partisan publication Tax Notes, says there could only have been one reason for it: Cindy had money and John didn't."
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