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December 28, 2007
Criticism Aside, 'FairTax' Boosts Huckabee Campaign
The Washington Post
"'Under the FairTax, every time you purchase a service, you would probably get two prices -- one you can pay with a check or credit card that includes the FairTax, and one you can pay in cash and save 23 percent,' conservative economist Bruce R. Bartlett wrote this week in the publication Tax Notes. 'Because there would no longer be any audits of income, since the IRS would have been abolished . . . massive evasion is inevitable.'"
December 19, 2007
Study: State Loses Millions; Companies Dodge Taxes, Report Says
Wisconsin State Journal
"The figure comes from a publication called State Tax Notes, published Nov. 26, which contends that nationwide, states are missing out on $14.5 billion in corporate income tax revenue."
December 19, 2007
Chairman Neal Introduces Prepaid Derivatives Bill
US Fed News
"In a Tax Notes magazine article aptly titled, 'Too Good to Be True?' one practitioner called this tax treatment, 'The Wild West of the tax law.'"
December 17, 2007
Dire Future for Local Governments If Revenue-Raising Powers Are Not Fixed
Ascribe Newswire
"Brunori, a contributing editor for State Tax Notes magazine and a research professor of public policy at The George Washington University, says local governments' fiscal autonomy has declined over several decades to its lowest point ever."
December 5, 2007
Grassley Three Speeches Delivered Today on the Alternative
Congressional Quarterly
"This exact point was raised in 2005 by a Democratic Ways and Means staffer in a letter to Tax Notes, a prominent publication for tax professionals."
December 5, 2007
AMT Stalemate Risks Refund Delay
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Monday that the Senate would address the AMT patch issue 'as soon as we can,' according to Tax Notes, a publication of Tax Analysts."
December 3, 2007
The Taxman Bareley Cometh
Business Week
"Several other technology and pharmaceutical companies appear to be following the same playbook, according to studies by economist Martin A. Sullivan, a contributor to the journal Tax Notes."
November 20, 2007
Tax Bomb Keeps Ticking Even as AMT Barges into Middle Class, Few Candidates Discuss It
The Dallas Morning News
"'They're going to have to solve it, but mostly what I've seen out of these candidates is not a whole lot of specificity when it comes to their tax plans,' said Chris Bergin, president and publisher of Tax Notes. 'I would urge people of this country to pay attention because there is good tax reform and bad tax reform.'"
November 19, 2007
The Tax Man Grabbeth
The New York Post
"According to the publication State Tax Notes, Plattner announced that Albany would launch a tax 'compliance campaign,' with 'increased enforcement.'"
October 13, 2007
I.R.S. Looks At Mortgage Securities
The New York Times
"Mr. Schott said that the scrutiny, which was first reported yesterday in Tax Analysts, a prominent trade publication, was not related to the recent turmoil in the mortgage markets."
October 12, 2007
Tax Cuts Increased Income, but Hardly Equally
The New York Times
"He pointed to a report this week in Tax Notes magazine, by Peter Merrill of PricewaterhouseCoopers, that said partnerships and limited liability companies reported 51.5 percent of all business income in 2004, up from 47.3 percent in 2000."
October 10, 2007
Study Says Wal-Mart Often Fights Local Taxes
The New York Times
"David E. Brunori, a professor at George Washington University and contributing editor of the journal State Tax Notes, said that any major employer was more likely than a homeowner or small business to benefit from 'a bias by property tax officials who want to cut them some slack'.''
September 25, 2007
Offshore Tax Issues
Congressional Quarterly
"In a recent International Tax Notes article, 'A Statutory Proposal for U.S. Transfer Pricing', Michael Durst, a former IRS official and now counsel to a prestigious law firm, suggests that, 'based on extensive practice, that retaining the current [arm's length pricing] system is not a viable option' for dealing with current transfer pricing abuses and that 'a revised ,concededly more 'formulary' system. . .would offer substantial relative advantages.' I think he is dead right and I have advocated for a federal formulary apportionment system for multinational taxation for decades."
September 22, 2007
Obscure Health-Benefit Scheme Is Central Issue in Auto Talks
The Washington Post
"'These companies have been making promises they can't keep for a long time,' said Lee Sheppard, a tax attorney and contributing editor for Tax Notes."
September 11, 2007
Ways and Means Committee Chair Rangel to Propose AMT Repeal This Fall
The Bond Buyer
"'It is the goal of this committee to eliminate the AMT completely, and we will have to revisit a lot of people in terms of rates' to offset the cost of such a repeal, Rangel told Tax Analysts, which publishes the daily Tax Notes report."
August 31, 2007
A Designer Handbag Amid the Briefcases on the Tax Beat
The New York Times
"Ms. Sheppard, who is a tax lawyer and now 51, was there to cover a conference on questionable tax shelters for Tax Analysts, a trade publication, where her writings over the last two decades have become a must-read for tax practitioners." [Click to Read]
August 8, 2007
Court May Decide Fate of Property Tax Reform
The Gainesville Sun
"Cara Griffith, a legal editor for State Tax Notes, said the U.S. Supreme Court's previous decision to uphold California's Proposition 13 cap on assessment increases has stood as the definitive statement on such issues."
July 14, 2007
Private-Equity Tax Strategy Draws Attention in Congress
The Wall Street Journal
"But some firms also are providing further tax benefits to insiders, through a so-called tax-receivable agreement that transfers some future tax savings to individual partners. Blackstone's use of the strategy was reported in the trade journal Tax Notes and the New York Times."
July 13, 2007
Blackstone Exploits another Loophole
"Sheppard: There is a tax-receivable agreement that says, "Well, to the extent that you investors save taxes, you pay 85 percent of that back to the founders in cash every year."
July 13, 2007
Tax Loopholes Sweeten a Deal for Blackstone
The New York Times
''These guys have figured out how to turn paying taxes into an annuity,'' Ms. Sheppard said. ''What people don't realize is that the private equity managers, the investment bankers, all the financial intermediaries, are in control of their own taxation and so the debate in Washington about what tax rate to pay misses the big picture.''
July 11, 2007
Private Equity Under Fire
"LEE SHEPPARD: We tax other people's services income as ordinary income and that doesn't seem to stop them from working and trying to make more money."
July 10, 2007
Rank Unfairness in Taxes
Birmingham News
"Alabama has the nation's sixth most regressive tax system, trailing only Tennessee among Southeastern states, according to a report last year in State Tax Notes."
June 24, 2007
Tax, Tuition Breaks Skip 2nd Homes; IRS Draws Sharp Line Between Vacation and Primary Homes
Chicago Tribune
"It's relatively easy for the IRS to spot a vacation residence, says David Brunori, a George Washington University professor and vice president of Tax Analysts, a non-profit firm in Falls Church, Va. If owners have a mortgage on their second home, for example, the IRS knows that the interest deduction is tied to that second home."
June 16, 2007
Senate Bill Rattles Private-Equity Nerves; Industry Blindsided by Measure That Would Double Tax Bill for Going Public
The Washington Post
"After Senate Finance Committee aides read about the dangers of allowing such expansions in Tax Notes, a trade publication they call "the bible," they became concerned that Blackstone's offering could lead to a wave of financial firms reorganizing themselves to take advantage of the tax provision."
June 15, 2007
Tax cuts, your way
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
"Allowing citizens to decide, on an individual basis, the amount of their property taxes is ridiculous," said David Brunori, an editor with State Tax Notes. "The way it is proposed, everyone will seek to minimize their property tax burden to the detriment of local government services ... To maintain the same level of education and public safety spending will require massive state increases. It is not a good deal for Floridians."
June 15, 2007
Tax Talk: Could time be finally right for a national sales tax?
The Desert Sun
"In a study done by William G. Gale, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, and reported in the authoritative publication Tax Notes, Gale found that the revenue loss to our government with a 30 percent sales tax rate would be over $7 trillion in a 10-year period."
June 5, 2007
IRS Chief Counsel Selects Gregg Polsky as 2007-2008 Professor in Residence
US Fed News
"Polsky is one of four authors of the forthcoming casebook, Federal Income Taxation of Individuals, 6th Edition. He has authored numerous law review articles on tax law and policy and is a frequent contributor to such leading tax publications as Tax Notes and the Journal of Taxation."
June 4, 2007
Florida Takes Lead on Property-tax Relief
State Net Capitol Journal
"'This is the biggest tax break being considered anywhere since Proposition 13 in CALIFORNIA,' said David Brunori, a professor of public policy at George Washington University, who is also [executive] vice president of the nonprofit tax-information company Tax Analysts."
June 4, 2007
Congress Studies Taxation of Endowments' Hedge Gains
Triangle Business Journal
"In November 2005, Duke alumnus Maximilian Haag, having interviewed the managers of the university's endowment, reported in an article in Tax Notes Today that as much as 75 percent of Duke's hedge-invested assets were debt-leveraged investments in offshore funds."
May 30, 2007
Legislation: Democrats to Propose Alternative Minimum Tax Reform in July
The Bond Buyer
"The Ways and Means Committee's ranking minority member, James McCrery, R-La., has said he plans to introduce an alternative AMT reform proposal, according to Tax Analysts."
May 29, 2007
Florida Tackles Task of Cutting Property Taxes — Breaks Aimed at Easing Pain of Housing Slump Could Give State a Boost
The Wall Street Journal
"This year alone, New Jersey, New York, Indiana and Montana have cut property taxes in one way or another, says David Brunori, professor of public policy at George Washington University and [executive] vice president of Tax Analysts, a nonprofit tax-information company in Falls Church, Va."
May 21, 2007
Online Tax Research: Content is king!; Platforms change, but the info is still what matters
Accounting Today
"Meanwhile, Tax Analysts has retooled its Federal Research Library, according to Alan Highman, editor-in-chief of reference services."
May 18, 2007
Offshore Investments by Colleges Draw Scrutiny
The Chronicle of Higher Education
"About 75 percent of Duke's hedge funds are in offshore corporations, according to a study published in 2005 in Tax Notes Today."
May 16, 2007
Nonprofits Face Threat to a Tax Loophole
The New York Times
"A 2005 article in the newsletter Tax Notes said Duke University sought to keep 25 percent of its endowment, which now stands at $7.4 billion, invested in hedge funds."
April 25, 2007
The not-super rich may get AMT break
"House Democrats on the tax writing committee may have come to a consensus on how to reform the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), according to a report Wednesday in Tax Notes, a trade publication published by Tax Analysts. The proposal would give the biggest tax break to middle- and upper-middle income households."
April 17, 2007
Free Tax Advice (No Guarantee on a Refund)
The New York Times
"The tax was on the profits earned by professionals and skilled laborers, according to Joseph Thorndike, director of the Tax History Project at Tax Analysts, a nonprofit organization that publishes the magazine Tax Notes."
April 13, 2007
Experts Calls Proposed Gross Receipts Tax Textbook Case of 'Inefficient Tax'
US Fed News
"The proposed tax, which would be levied on transactions between businesses and between businesses and consumers, is a textbook case of an 'inefficient tax' that penalizes smaller businesses that depend on outside vendors, J. Fred Giertz, a professor of economics and in the Institute of Government and Public Affairs, wrote in the newsletter State Tax Notes."
April 11, 2007
On the Record
Buffalo News
"Hodgson Russ partner Timothy P. Noonan will write a monthly column, titled 'Noonan's Notes on Tax Practice,' for State Tax Notes, a publication in the state tax field. The column will cover practice and procedure issues arising in the everyday practice of the state and local tax practitioner."
April 3, 2007
Taxing Times
The Dallas Morning News
"Begin your lesson at the [Tax Analysts] Tax History Museum."
April 1, 2007
Keeping up with Taxes; The pace of change makes research tools essential
Accounting Technology
"'An enduring trend in tax research is the desire to keep pace with changes in legislation, regulatory pronouncements and judicial interpretations that affect tax administration and tax practice,' adds J. Christine Harris, editor of Financial Reporting Watch at Tax Analysts."
March 23, 2007
New Tax Reform Would Lower Capital Gains Tax and Significantly Raise Revenue
PR Newswire
"The current corporate capital gains tax rate is the second highest in the world, which puts American businesses at a competitive disadvantage across the globe. ('Taxing Corporate Capital Gains,' Mihir Desai, Tax Analysts, Mar. 6, 2006, p. 1083)"
March 23, 2007
Senate Floor Statement on Offshore Tax Haven and Tax Shelter Abuses, Budget Resolution Debate
States News Service
"A study released by the journal Tax Notes in September 2004 found that American companies were able to shift $149 billion of profits to 18 tax haven countries in 2002, up 68 percent from $88 billion in 1999."
March 13, 2007
Halliburton moves CEO to oil-rich Dubai
The Financial Times
"But Martin Sullivan, contributing editor at Tax Notes magazine, a non-partisan weekly tax journal, said Halliburton's move would change its tax situation 'significantly' even though the company would still be registered in the US."
March 10, 2007
U.S. Tax Agency Lets Tax Lawyers Write Rules
The International Herald Tribune
"Tax Analysts, publisher of the nonprofit journal Tax Notes, brought that lawsuit. Sheryl Stratton of Tax Notes first reported the agency pilot project."
February 26, 2007
Finance: Big Corporations Take an Offshore Tax Vacation
Interpress Service
"Last year, Martin Sullivan, a former U.S. Treasury Department economist, noted in the journal Tax Notes that pharmaceuticals had accelerated their movement of profits to low-tax jurisdictions. He wrote that 'in 1999, foreign profits accounted for 39.2 percent of worldwide profits of large U.S. drug companies. By 2005 that percentage had jumped to 69.9 percent.'"
February 24, 2007
Moving Pieces
The Economist
"Much of this was thanks to moving profits—rather than actual business—to tax havens, reckons Martin Sullivan, editor of Tax Analysts."
February 23, 2007
Corporate Profits Take an Offshore Vacation
The Interpress Service
"Last year, Martin Sullivan, a former U.S. Treasury Department economist, noted in the journal Tax Notes that pharmaceuticals had accelerated their movement of profits to low-tax jurisdictions. He wrote that 'In 1999, foreign profits accounted for 39.2 percent of worldwide profits of large U.S. drug companies. By 2005 that percentage had jumped to 69.9 percent.'"
February 21, 2007
"Bold" Levy Idea Expected Today; GOP Property Owner Relief Plan Could Make Florida Sales Taxes the Highest in the U.S.
The Ledger
"David Brunori, contributing editor for State Tax Notes, said doing away with the property tax would sever the stable connection between local taxes from residents paying for local needs. An emphasis on sales taxes would result in more state control to divvy up the revenue fairly between poor counties with little retail business and metropolitan areas."
February 7, 2007
Bush budget: Going after $300 billion
CNN Money
"While the White House budget office estimates that taken together, the 16 measures could cut the tax gap by $29 billion over 10 years, the number could be higher because some taxpayers might pay what they owe if they knew the IRS was getting tougher, according to Tax Analysts, a publisher of tax information and analysis."
February 6, 2007
Sen. Max Baucus Holds a Hearing on the Fiscal Year 2008 Budget
Congressional Quarterly
"Senator Lincoln said, 'There was a recent article in the Tax Notes which outlined the growing economic disparity that we are facing. In fact, I think the article even contained a quote or two from you, which actually was quite promising. You did agree there that income distribution and wage growth is one of the major economic challenges facing our country. So I was pleased to see those quotes from you.'"
January 31, 2007
Economic Challenges facing the Middle Class
Congressional Quarterly
"Portions of this testimony are taken from the author's column, 'Economic Perspective,' in Tax Notes Magazine by Eugene Steuerle."
January 23, 2007
Tax Notes Today Online Subscription
"The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to award a firm-fixed price purchase order to Tax Analysts for a one year online subscription to Tax Notes Today for 1500 IRS users."
January 5, 2007
Hedge Funds See Tax Issue — Offshore Entities Seek Guidance on Levies Related to Loan Deals
The Wall Street Journal
"Lee Sheppard, Tax Analysts contributinig editor to Tax Notes, in an article on offshore hedge funds said hedge funds 'want to be able to argue that buying exposure to a bank loan through a derivative contract is just like having a derivative contract on any other investment asset, that is, covered by the securities-trading safe harbor.'"
January 1, 2007
Tax & Financial Planning News
Tax & Financial Planning News Accounting Technology
"Tax Analysts has begun offering free access to its Financial Reporting Watch tax publication to subscribers of its online Tax Notes Today."
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